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Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the nation and the cost to treat it is around 8 billion dollars a year. Sun exposure is linked to all three types of skin cancer and incidence of melanoma is highest in Caucasians compared to other races. In Brookfield, CT which is comprised of a predominantly Caucasian population, there is a lack of awareness of skin cancer detection and prevention. One of the best ways to promote skin cancer awareness is through education about the different types of skin cancers and sun safety behaviors. The idea is to start the conversation about skin cancer by capturing people’s attention with a visual poster. A poster is multifaceted in that patients can spend time reading it while in the waiting or exam room, can be used as instructional aide by the physician and can be transformed into a miniature handout made available for patients to take home with them. The goal is to promote skin cancer awareness so skin cancer can be detected and treated in a timely manner and patients are equipped with tips on how to minimize sun exposure.

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Promoting Skin Cancer Awareness