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Many patients in the outpatient setting are placed on diets with sodium restrictions by their primary care physician for management of a variety of chronic diseases. Patients often have difficulties adhering to these diets, a primary reason being unawareness of the sodium content of many foods that make up the American diet. This project aims to increase awareness for these patients and to provide education for them to make more informed decisions about their health. A poster was made for providers to display in their practice that illustrates the sodium content of various food groups. The foods were selected based on recommendations and research from the CDC and American Heart Association. Future evaluation of the efficacy of this project would be elicited by a patient and provider questionnaire after the posters have been displayed for 6 months or more. This questionnaire could then be used to modify the posters to better fit this specific population and assist providers in this facet of patient education.

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Patient Education: Sodium Awareness in Bomoseen, VT