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Heroin addiction is a problem nationwide, and is especially prevalent in the state of Vermont. Individuals who inject heroin are at risk of infection with HIV or hepatitis C, and of death by heroin overdose. Currently, two syringe exchange sites operate in Windsor County in Vermont, located in White River Junction, VT, and Springfield, VT. These programs distribute clean syringes to prevent the spread of HIV and hepatitis C, sharps containers to promote safe disposal of dirty needles, and naloxone to prevent deaths from opioid overdose. They also provide testing for HIV and hepatitis C and information regarding local resources for treatment and recovery from substance abuse. This project aimed to increase awareness of the resources available at syringe exchange sites in Windsor County by means of a pamphlet distributed to clients of these programs.

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Syringe exchange, Heroin, HIV, Hepatitis C, Naloxone, Vermont

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Promoting Awareness of Resources Available at Syringe Exchanges in Windsor County, VT