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In longitudinal studies of women residing in northern latitudes (i.e. Vermont), bone loss was most pronounced during winter months when sun exposure and weight-bearing activities are more limited. Although information about screening and treatments for osteoporosis are widely available to patients, there appears to be a gap in education about risk factors that predispose one to this silent yet deadly disease as well as strategies for prevention according to several community interviews that I conducted. In response to my conversations about osteoporosis, I decided to focus my intervention on educating the community about osteoporosis risk factors, recommended weight-bearing exercises, and the types of foods that contain adequate amounts of vitamin D and calcium. A poster serving as an educational guide was created by compiling information from the National Osteoporosis Foundation and the CDC. The poster will hopefully increase awareness about osteoporosis risk factors and motivate patients (both females and males) to start conversations with their healthcare providers on how to best prevent osteoporosis.

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Osteoporosis, Vermont, Risk Factors, Prevention, Bone health, Fractures, Vitamin D, Calcium, Weight-bearing exercises

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Osteoporosis Education: An Insight into Risk Factors & Prevention