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At The Health Center, a federally qualified health center in Plainfield, Vermont, providers have begun an initiative to screen patients during routine clinic visits for their Adverse Childhood Experiences score. In a population subject to the social, economic, and health-related challenges of rural Vermont, providers have identified the screening process as a vital tool for better understanding their patients' health. To better aid in both provider comfort and patient education during said interactions, a pamphlet was created to guide provider conversations concerning ACEs. The pamphlet details information about ACEs and health consequences, the importance of the relaxation response in dealing with toxic stress, and the ways in which we can help foster resilience in children.

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The Health Center, Plainfield, Vermont


Washington County, ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, pamphlet, patient education, trauma, adversity, relaxation response, resilience

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ACEs and Resilience: Increasing patient knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences and stress coping techniques