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Food Insecurity is a significant public health concern in Vermont. 64,370 Vermonters (10%) live in food insecure households. There are many contributing factors to food insecurity including lack of affordable housing, a decrease in affordable grocery stores, low wages, and lack of public transportation. One of the many strategies for addressing food insecurity in Chittenden County, Vermont is the Health Care Share (HCS). The HCS is a partnership between the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps farm and UVMMC that connects Vermont families experiencing food-insecurity with farm-fresh foods through a weekly farm share that includes skills and recipes to prepare healthy meals at home. Participants pick up their share weekly at their family practice. In this project, a skill-based cooking class was conducted with HCS participants where we worked together to cook a dish using produce from their share. Cooking confidence was assessed using a pre-class and post-class survey.

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Skill-Based Cooking Class with the Health Care Share