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In the US, herpes zoster and related complications have been estimated to result in 1.3 billion dollars of medical costs alone annually. In order to combat this significant public health burden, efforts have been made to vaccinate susceptible populations for herpes zoster. In 2017, the FDA approved Shingrix, a recombinant zoster vaccine that is more effective than its predecessor, Zostavax. Now, patients are being vaccinated for shingles at a higher rate than previous years. As a result, the demand for Shingrix has exceeded supply, leading to an inconsistency in supply. This, in combination with changing recommendations for vaccination has generated confusion and frustration among patients at South Burlington Family Medicine. A patient-centered brochure was created that addresses these concerns and may serve to alleviate some of these sources of stress.

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The Shingrix Vaccine: Information for Patients About Current Recommendations & the National Shortage