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The current standard of practice for postpartum contraception in Plattsburgh, NY, as well as much of the United States, is initiation of contraception at the standard 6 week postpartum visit. However, many women may be better suited for immediate postpartum contraception while still hospitalized in labor and delivery. Long acting reversible birth control (LARC), including hormonal IUDs, copper IUDs, and progesterone implants, were the contraception types focused on in this project. Family medicine residents at CVPH reported low confidence in postpartum contraception as a whole. Furthermore, they reported limited knowledge on immediate postpartum contraception. The primary aim of this project was to expand the resident knowledge base on postpartum contraception and encourage them to consider immediate postpartum contraception in certain patients via an educational session.

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Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, Family Medicine Center, Plattsburgh, NY


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