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Emergency departments (EDs) in the United States are frequently overutilized for patients in need of an X-ray imaging despite outpatient clinics, ski hills, and express care facilities having the capacity to perform X-Rays and have them read and interpreted by local Radiologists. ED visits are associated with significantly increased wait times and auxiliary costs compared to express care and outpatient facilities. Particularly within the State of Vermont, ski hills provide a reliable population of injured patients with uncomplicated fractures in need of an X-ray examination. Here, we assess potential causes and explanations for ED overuse and lack of express care utilization for uncomplicated fractures that do not require a higher level of care, as well as publish currently available X-ray sites within the State of Vermont as a means of educating local providers and promoting lower healthcare expenditure and decreased wait times for injured patients.

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X-Ray Referrals for Uncomplicated Fractures