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E-cigarette use, also known as Vaping, has garnered national attention over recent years due to its rapidly rising popularity. While some claim it is the healthier alternative to cigarette smoking we need to reduce the 480,000 deaths in the US from smoking-related diseases each year, others warn that its popularity among teens has the potential to undo years of progress combating nicotine addiction and is just another attempt by the tobacco industry to lure a new generation of customers. Given this ongoing public conversation, it is up to health care providers to stay informed on the health effects of vaping and to educate their patients appropriately. This project aimed to synthesize what we currently know about the effects of e-cigarette use for health care providers and to equip them with ways to minimize the harms, while maximizing any potential benefits, of vaping. This presentation demonstrates the effectiveness of that intervention.

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To Juul or Not To Juul: What We Know About The Health Effects of Vaping