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Acute respiratory tract infections (ARTIs) are one of the most common clinical encounters in primary care settings and they often lead to antibiotic prescriptions. However, more than 90% of ARTIs are caused by viral syndromes. Evidence has showed that interventions addressed at antibiotic prescription practices for ARTIs are critical to combatting the widespread overuse of antibiotics and increase in antibiotic resistance infections in the US. Providers report pressure from patients to prescribe antibiotics even when they are not clinical indicated and patients have several misconceptions surrounding the clinical course of ARTIs that lead to this behavior. A brochure was developed to address the symptoms and duration of various types of ARTIs, the supportive treatment that can provide relief, and the dangers of antibiotic overuse and resistant infections. This brochure can be used in primary care settings to reduce pressure from patients to provide antibiotics by educating them on antibiotics are rarely indicated for ARTIs.

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Acute Respiratory Tract Infections and How to Treat Them