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Skin cancer continues to be the most common cancer in Vermont and the United States. About one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Vermont currently ranks second highest in the country for melanoma skin cancer rates. Rates continue to rise and skin cancer is impacting patients at younger and younger ages. Although several factors play into development of melanoma, a large risk factor for developing skin-cancer in one's lifetime is UV exposure. One way to combat this is to encourage regular sun-safe practices, such as daily sunscreen use, seeking shade, and wearing sun-protective clothing. The aim of this project was to assess barriers to sunscreen use and evaluate current skin cancer statistics and sun-safe practices to create a SmartPhrase. Because providers only mention sunscreen in 0.9% of visits, the hope is that this SmartPhrase will be an easy and efficient way for providers at Colchester Family Practice to encourage sun-safe practices for their patients.

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Sun-Safety: Assessing Barriers and Promoting Sun-Safe Practices for Vermonters.