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Social media presence in day to day lives is expanding, especially among younger generations. Preventative medicine is becoming the forefront of patient care. Where do the two meet? Healthcare preferences have been shown to vary by age. The younger generation is essentially ready for virtual healthcare access. In our clinical sites, we noticed a common theme of patients being unaware of preventative health practices, risk factors for diseases, or about diseases they already have. Many patients rely on their doctors for this information, but when they don’t have immediate access to their doctor, don’t regularly see their PCP, or maybe just forget what they were told, it can be difficult for people to find easily accessible and accurate health education. We also noticed that ‘accessibility’ is different for everyone and with the rapidly developing technological age, we wanted to analyze how this difference is stratified, based on age in these communities, and if using social media would be an acceptable method in this community to increase health education in all ages. The question is, can we target the masses virtually and effectively with minimal cost? And is this something patients want?

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Preventative Medicine, Social Media, Preventative Healthcare, Connecticut

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Utilizing Social Media to Improve Health Education: Should We Hit Like?