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Food literacy is the knowledge and skills needed to select and prepare food as well as determine food intake. These skills are necessary for a healthy diet, which is a major contributing factor to chronic disease prevention and management. People with diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease can have great benefit from improving diet quality through increasing at-home food preparation and consumption of fruits and vegetables. In partnership with a Food Farmacy pilot program at Hudson Headwaters Health Network in Glens Falls, NY this project sought to use web-based food literacy education for a population of 40 patients with diabetes. Short, simple videos on basic fruit and vegetable preparation were created and published on YouTube. Follow-up interviews with patients were conducted to assess the reach and efficacy of this intervention.

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Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Glens Falls, NY


food literacy, nutrition, education, web-based education, chronic disease management, Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Food Farmacy

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Easily Digestible: Addressing Food Literacy with Short Educational Videos