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Most Americans visit the doctor’s office for an acute or chronic condition or for preventative care. No matter what the reason, a visit to the doctor’s office can be stressful for a patient. Our study was designed to determine whether a patient’s experience of the visit can be improved using a mindful breathing exercise. We developed a system for teaching a two minute breathing exercise, with a brief questionnaire to evaluate how the patient feels before and after the intervention. We presented our study design to practitioners in primary care offices in VT and CT who were receptive to the idea of including a form of mindfulness in their primary care office visits.

Clinical Site

Ridgefield Primary Care, CT; Colchester Family Practice, VT


Mindfulness, Breathing, Meditation, White coat syndrome, Generalized anxiety, Patient Experience, Parasympathetic, Nervous System, Variable Heart Rate, Vagus Nerve, Respiratory Rate

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The use of mindful breathing as part of the healthcare intake process