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Prevalence of mental health issues has increased during the time of COVID-19. There are many contributing factors to consider, the main one reported has been social isolation due to quarantine precautions. Members of the community have spent extended periods of time at home and away from their loved ones during this pandemic. Many patients have reported many life events occurring including deaths in the family without the ability to even mourn with their family members. This has taken a toll on the community, especially in Vergennes where this small tight knit community that has relied on its tight social bonds for wellness. There has been a trend of depressive symptoms rising in the community as well as an increase in reported anxiety. There is a shortage of mental health services through therapists and psychiatrists during this time, and a possible solution is the use of technology, specifically phone apps to aid with mental health concerns for members of the community who are unable to meet with a specialist. This project consists of a handout containing 7 apps for mental wellbeing reviewed by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

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The Use of Technology for Mental Wellbeing in the Era of COVID-19