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COVID-19 continues to be a significant health threat and has caused significant disease and mortality in the fall 2021 wave largely driven by the Delta Variant and complicated by unvaccinated patients. In the state of NY, approximately 40 patients died per day (7 day moving average) from serious COVID-19 illness during this time period. During this time, approximately 35% of Clinton County’s population is not vaccinated for COVID-19 and is subsequently unprotected from serious COVID-19 illness. This work discusses reasons for non-vaccination and strategies to combat vaccine hesitancy. Additionally, it includes a pamphlet for local distribution as well as a dot phrase to be utilized for patients seen in the outpatient setting to serve as a personalized reminder on the importance of receiving vaccination against COVID-19 and to answer questions identified as concerns for vaccine hesitancy.

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CVPH Family Medicine Center, Plattsburgh, NY


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COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Resources in Northern New York