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Patients have a need for referral to a variety of services that directly relate to their health and wellbeing that are not generally included in the traditional referral system of healthcare networks. These services include (but are not limited to) social work support, pandemic support, elderly services, LQBTQ+ services, intimate partner violence services, functional medicine, and substance use disorder and mental health support and treatment. Because these services are not part of the traditional healthcare referral system, healthcare providers may not have an up-to-date list of organizations and programs in the community that could provide these needed services. This is especially important in the current era when there has been increased turnover of healthcare workers at all levels leading to low institutional/community knowledge. To address this need, a community service patient referral document was developed after interviewing healthcare workers in the community and reviewing patient needs throughout the family medicine clerkship to inform resource selection.

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Connecticut, community resources, patient referral, LGBTQ, IPV support, elderly services, pandemic support, social work, mental health, substance use disorder

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Community Services for Patient Referral Document