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Over 8,000 refugees have started new lives in Vermont since 1980. Many of these people utilize the Community Health Centers of Burlington, for some this may be their first time navigating America's healthcare system. This is a daunting task due to a multitude of barriers, including missing cultural competencies in various aspects of their care. This project focuses on dietary recommendations for Nepalese patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, specifically carbohydrate sources based on fiber content. Type 2 diabetes is a very prevalent chronic disease that costs Vermont $520 million each year. Understanding healthy food options in a culturally sensitive approach, will allow better care and recommendations for the Nepalese. A Nepalese-focused handout on carbohydrate sources was generated based on local Asian markets that they frequent.

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diabetes, prediabetes, Nepalese, Nepali, cultural competence, carbohydrate, diet

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Culturally Sensitive Carbohydrate Sources for Nepalese with Diabetes or Prediabetes