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The purpose of this project is to educate patients about the treatment of CLBP through an interactive mobile app, with the goal of improving transparency regarding the risks and benefits of various interventions. Most patients with CLBP lack the time and knowledge to perform a thorough literature review to determine the rates of efficacy and complications associated with their treatment. A mobile app that summarizes this data and translates it in a way that patients can understand would facilitate clearer communication and expectations between patients and providers. With improved patient education, patients would presumably be more likely to participate in informed shared decision making with their provider regarding their car. Additionally, patients would be more likely to collaborate with their providers to select the least invasive treatments appropriate for their condition that are associated with the highest rates of efficacy and patient satisfaction. Ideally, this approach would result in improved patient outcomes and a greater proportion of patients being satisfied with their treatment.

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A Mobile App To Improve Patient Education In The Management of Chronic LBP