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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is prevalent yet undertreated in rural Vermont. Approximately half of those with AUD who stop drinking experience alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can range from uncomfortable to life threatening symptoms. Untreated alcohol withdrawal can also lead to recurrence of alcohol use. The mainstay for management of alcohol withdrawal has been inpatient or intensive outpatient programs. However, there are barriers to accessing these programs including availability of beds, patient reluctance, lack of transportation, not knowing about these programs, and cost. Primary care management of alcohol withdrawal is safe, accessible and has the potential to reduce symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, improve engagement with treatment for alcohol use disorder, and reduce alcohol related health complications. In this project, a patient instruction sheet and self-assessment of withdrawal symptoms to be used as part of a protocol for primary care management of alcohol withdrawal.

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Alcohol Use Disorder; Primary Care; Vermont

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Primary Care Management of Alcohol Withdrawal