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Xylazine, a sedative primarily used in large animals, has emerged as an increasingly prevalent adulterant in the illicit opioid supply in the state of Vermont. Xylazine use poses significant health risks to individuals who use illicit substances due to increased risk of overdose in conjunction with opioids and chronic injury, especially skin ulceration and necrosis. This project focused on increasing education and awareness around xylazine in opioid user populations and primary care providers who work with these patients. The project's outcomes and effectiveness will be evaluated through assessments and feedback from healthcare providers. By equipping healthcare professionals and patients with knowledge and resources, this intervention will contribute to reducing the adverse health outcomes associated with xylazine use, thereby improving patient care and public health in the state of Vermont.

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Xylazine, opioids, OUD, harm reduction, naloxone, Vermont

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Xylazine as an Emerging Risk in Vermont: Harm Reduction for Primary Care Providers and Patients