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Point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) is a safe, noninvasive and accessible diagnostic technique. In the outpatient setting POCUS enables improve access to timely care, raises patient satisfaction, and reduces the need for costly tests. While application of POCUS is well established in the emergency department and intensive care unit, its use in ambulatory medicine is still emerging. Prior literature has shown that while many rural care offices have access to POCUS equipment, however, the technology is not being used to its full potential. Prior family medicine projects have identified barriers to the use of ultrasound in rural Vermont outpatient clinics. A lack of training was identified as the largest barrier to POCUS use in both 2019 and 2022. In this work we organized and hosted two POCUS training sessions focused on topics that could be utilized in the ambulatory care setting. Each participant attended one training. To assess the efficacy of our trainings, participants took a survey before and after trainings. Participants were asked to rate their confidence performing POCUS exams, their perceived utility of POCUS in their practice, their perceived utility of POCUS exam quick guides to refresh skills and their predictions as to how patients would perceive POCUS exams. We found that while there was no significant difference identified for perceived utility of POCUS in practice or predicted utility of quick guides, a single POCUS training session did result in a significant increase in reported confidence performing POCUS exams and prediction of a positive patient perception of POCUS exams.

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POCUS, hand held ultrasound, rural ambulatory care, rural family medicine

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Building point of care ultrasound experience in a rural primary care network