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For patients with diabetes, screening for microvascular complications like retinopathy requires annual retinal photography or dilated fundoscopy to identify and mitigate processes that can cause preventable blindness. Yet, by measures at the state and federal level, the percent of patients achieving this care is below target. At the Community Health Centers of Burlington (CHCB), the barriers responsible for this include uncertainty among patients and providers about which local optometry offices accept Medicaid, are scheduling new patients and have interpreter services available. This project aimed to improve retinopathy counseling, the achievement of retinopathy screening and the time burden placed on providers and other CHCB staff by creating a list of optometrists in Chittenden County that are currently providing diabetic retinopathy screening, accepting new patients on Medicaid, and whether or not interpreter services are available on site. This list was then distributed to CHCB providers and practice managers to reference in counseling patients.

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Diabetes, Retinopathy, Medicaid, Interpreters, Screening

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Improving Retinopathy Screening for Patients with Diabetes: Optometrists Accepting New Patients On Medicaid 
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