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It is challenging for providers to understand how patient's engage with different types of communications from their primary care clinic, particularly on a site-to-site basis. This project leverages a simple link-hosting platform, LinkTree, to direct patients to free publicly funded workshops in Diabetes Management. The platform allows simple data to be collected about engagement with the links that are provided to the patients and gives the host clinic an easier way to understand and hone their communication style to best reach different patient populations. In this project we chose a panel of diabetic patients with A1c's >7% to receive a MyChart message with links to workshops about managing diabetes. We were able to connect with key stakeholders and administrators for these programs and develop a greater understanding of the landscape for referrals to free resources for patients. Of 92 patient messages, 6 clickthroughs to the My Healthy Vermont website were recorded in a 7 day period. There are limitless directions for future development and utilization of this tool to reach patients and engage them with their healthcare needs, but thought should also be given to those who may be less inclined to use mobile devices or computers to communicate.

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communications, patient engagement, patient outreach, practice transformation, web analytics, MyChart, LinkTree

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