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Part of the Behavior and Culture panel.

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Although food systems and design may seem like they do not have much in common, design is as essential to the human experience as food. Herbert Simon is quoted as saying, "Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones."

This view positions design to help address current issues around behavior and culture in local food systems. In this paper, we analyze the approaches of various common and emerging models in the local food movement through several design lenses. We highlight opportunities for innovation in local food initiatives by using design-based thinking tools that can influence behavior and culture around food. Finally, we present two case studies and provide actionable takeaways that can be used by local constituents. With a view toward fostering interdisciplinary dialogue around pressing food systems issues, the authors feel design is an important and accessible practice in the formulation of culture and behavior that can bring valuable insights to this discussion.




Burlington, Vermont

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