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Cris Mayo


Dating isn’t easy. I’m sure we’ve all had that thought before. How are we even supposed to meet people nowadays? In the grocery store? At the mall? In a library? No! Why not utilize the one thing that we, as humans in the 21st century, can’t seem to live without, our cellphones! We have just about everything else at our fingertips, why not have the next best thing, a relationship, a hookup, or just a friend with just a swipe and a touch of the phalanges?I have been using dating apps off and on for about six years, and I am getting the notion that it’s not working. Is the fact that I am trying to find a mate on an app the reason why I’m still single? Has the invention of smartphones and apps made us, as humans, less able to communicate and connect with each other without first messaging through text? Or do I just have horrible taste in a partner? Come along with me on an emotional ride through personal accounts of bad dates, year long drama, internet stalking, catfishing and survey participant’s online dating experiences, and (actual legitimate) research to get some insight into dating through a screen and to help me figure out if this is a feasible way, for me and you, to get into a relationship. Spoiler alert: it’s not (for me anyway)



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