Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Hitt, Darren


Methods of dust mitigation in Martian and Lunar environments are an increasingly active area of research within the uid dynamic and aerospace community. Martian and Lunar environments produce electrically charged particles, which easily adhere to exposed surfaces. Adhered regolith particles can interfere with human comfort and mechanical functionality. In this work we investigate the potential to enhance particle removal through bound vortex surface impingement. A bound vortex ow condition is created using a specialized nozzle con guration where a combination of positive pressure inlets and a central negative pressure outlet are used to control ow dynamics. Using the techniques of computational uid dynamic simulations and physical experiments, the e ectiveness of vortex-induced ow conditions is evaluated. A parametric study is performed to explore bound vortex formation over a range of nozzle con gurations and pressure conditions. Visualization of pathlines and measurement of shear stress under various geometric and pressure conditions provide insight into ow characteristics. It is found that an optimal range of key geometric and pressure parameters exist in the creation of bound vortex ow and such ow enhances particle transportation and removal. A subset of optimal computational con gurations is recreated experimentally to support the existence of bound vortex ow and its positive impact on the removal of particles.