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Master of Science (MS)



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Jeanine Carr


Refugees resettling in the United States face many challenges; especially within the health care setting. The purpose of this research was to add to the increasing body of knowledge about improving health care for the refugee population through investigating providers' lived experience caring for them. This study utilized qualitative research methods with a descriptive phenomenological approach. Five healthcare providers, one Nurse Practitioner, three Pediatricians and one Family Medicine Attending, were interviewed face to face through semi-structured interviews, utilizing twelve questions about their lived experience caring for the refugee population. The data from the five participants interviewed revealed three themes that described their experience: Facing Challenges; Experiencing Satisfaction; and Reframing the System. Although each provider found satisfaction within his or her current positions, there is a critical need for improved allocation of resources for housing, social support, and increased funding to help support refugee families that arrive in the United States.



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