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Master of Education (MEd)



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Robert Nash


This thesis explores my personal struggle writing a Scholarly Personal Narrative (SPN) Thesis, what I have learned about this methodology and how I apply the insights I have gained to my work as a Student Affairs Professional.

Topics such as vulnerability, truth, growth, personal liberation, meaning, and education are explored through my personal journey of learning to see myself as an educator through this type of writing. I describe how and why I came to use the SPN methodology for my thesis, some of the challenges that arose for me as I worked to put myself in the writing, some foundational SPN principles, a few struggles that came from sharing personal stories in such formal writing and above all, a deep description of what joys and lessons this type of writing can bring and how the insights influence my work with college students. My hope is that my journey through this process can yield useful information for educators and students alike as they progress through today's academy and work to find meaning in their role and education.



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80 p.

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Education Commons