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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Susan A. Commerford

Second Advisor

Robert J. Nash


The purpose of this thesis will be to examine one student's personal struggle in life and how those events have helped him to find his purpose and reason for being. This examination will be done by using a Scholarly Personal Narrative (SPN) approach to explain how music has been at the forefront of all moral and ethical decisions ever made in his life in order to find his true calling or vocation. This thesis will be broken down into 3 main chapters with several sub chapters taking the reader though the life of Jared M. Ford. This thesis will then culminate with the authors own understanding of what he feels is his purpose for living. A fourth and chapter will also be included to show the author's own musical works in an attempt to give the reader a better understanding of how music has helped him to understand his true calling.



Number of Pages

128 p.