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Master of Education (MEd)



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Robert J. Nash


The search for balance in my life reflects my attitude towards life itself. In seeking balance, in juggling my strengths and weaknesses, my joys and my sorrows, I seek affirmation that I am living the life I want to live. This thesis offers my own definition of balance, and outlines why it is important and how it manifests itself in my life. In examining my own story, I offer lessons to those who seek balance in their own lives. Without being prescriptive, these lessons illuminate my own views while reminding me to live life my way.

What is work/ life balance? What role does exercise play in finding balance? What can we learn from losing a loved one? Can we re-examine how to explore life’s big decisions? Why is important to always have something to look forward to? And why would someone want to study this topic?

By approaching these questions using Scholarly Personal Narrative, I invite the wisdom of other scholars to influence my own views. Yet while these scholars – and the equally important wisdom from friends and loved ones – help shape my perspective, the stories I offer are, ultimately, my own. Through these stories, through my “lessons to myself,” I seek equanimity and clarity in my approach to life.



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77 p.