Blowing My Lines

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Honors College Thesis



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College of Arts and Science Honors, Honors College

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Major Jackson

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Greg Bottoms

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Adrian Ivakhiv


prose, poem, prose poetry


As a form, prose poetry is largely considered to have originated in 19th century Europe, namely France and Germany, as a transgression against traditional forms of verse. Since its creation, the prose poem has endured for nearly two centuries, however its tenure still pales in comparison to other much older forms such as the sonnet, the Ghazal, and the Japanese Tanka, all of which date back to the 1200’s or earlier and are still being composed today. Considering that throughout the course of its existence the prose poem has endured criticism for its supposed lack of poetic quality compared to verse forms, this project demonstrates the ways in which its structure translates to the creative impulses of the modern-day writer as compared to its historical tradition. The introduction to the manuscript outlines the history of the genre and its popular usage throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century while the manuscript demonstrates the prose poem's usefulness as a genre in contemporary poetry.

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