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Honors College Thesis


Community Development and Applied Economics

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Honors College

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Daniel Baker


Tropical Storm Irene, mobile home parks, emergency plans, building resilience, Vermont, vulnerabilities, high risk populations


In 2009, Tropical Storm Irene exposed many of the physical and social problems of mobile home parks in Vermont, including poorly constructed housing, limited economic resources, and the placement of parks in the flood plain. In December 2013, the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development contracted a report on the effects of Tropical Storm Irene. Among the conclusions was the recommendation that mobile home parks should develop emergency plans as a strategy for building resilience. Vermont researchers have collaborated with parks to create plans unique to residents. Further, they have worked to integrate mobile home parks into local town-wide emergency plans. To assess these efforts, this thesis details the vulnerabilities of mobile home parks, along with key federal and state emergency planning laws. Further it examines the mention of mobile home parks as high risk populations in official town-wide plans. These results are compared to previous research conducted by the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity in 2012.

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