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Honors College Thesis


Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences

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Honors College

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Eyal Amiel

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Rory Waterman


Dendritic cells, inflammasome, Dectin-1, immune, vaccine, metabolic regulation


Dendritic cells (DCs) are critical antigen presenting cells that link the innate and adaptive immune systems. DCs are activated through a variety of receptors and respond with a diverse array of metabolic changes that are not yet well understood. IL-1β is a key inflammatory cytokine produced by DCs when they are activated through both toll-like receptors and C-type lectin receptors. IL-1β is activated by the inflammasome signaling complex but how the inflammasome is controlled by glycolysis is not yet well understood. We demonstrate that DC activation through TLR or C-type lectin receptors induces a shift to aerobic glycolytic metabolism. We show that while the transcription of IL-1β in DCs activated through both these receptors is not under glycolytic control, whether or not translation of IL-1β is under glycolytic control remains unclear. These findings provide new information on Dectin-1 mediated metabolic reprogramming in DCs. Understanding the link between metabolic changes and Dectin-1-mediated DC activation has broad implications for improved vaccine design and clinical intervention to fungal infection.

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