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Honors College Thesis


Film and Television Studies

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Honors College

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Hilary Neroni

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Hyon Joo Yoo

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Jennifer Dickinson


My thesis is an investigation into the unique voices of female directors today. I will be looking at three established female auteurs in today’s cinema--Claire Denis, Kathryn Bigelow, and Jane Campion--in an attempt to establish what it means to be a female auteur. Auteur theory highlights stylistic elements shared throughout a director’s filmography. While auteur theory has analyzed the work of male directors like Hitchcock and Kubrick, it often leaves female directors underappreciated and unmentioned. Studying these directors will allow me to analyze each director’s unique technical and narrative style. This analysis will also reveal larger cross-cultural representations of gender and national identity. Throughout this project, I will consider how femininity as such is represented across these directors’ diverse filmographies.

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