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Honors College Thesis


Environmental Studies

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Honors College, Environmental Studies Electronic Thesis, College of Arts and Science Honors

First Advisor

Pablo Bose

Second Advisor

Bindu Panikkar

Third Advisor

Jonah Steinberg


creative nonfiction, women’s health, subject agency, embodiment, power, environmental justice


The purpose of this thesis is to write a collection of personal narrative, creative nonfiction essays based on my study abroad experiences in India, South Africa, and Brazil. I conducted preliminary, case study, and ethnographic research on women’s and maternal health across these sites. In my essays, I consider the many ways in which subjects embody larger hierarchies of power, how this relates to subject agency, and how this affects health. In particular, I pay attention to 1) the relationship between education and health, 2) how racial identity affects access to resources, and 3) how individual and social agency play a role in securing adequate healthcare and in creating healthy environments. I critically consider the ways in which the creative nonfiction form is a valuable practice for thinking with and through stories and encounters. By writing in this genre, I seek to critically analyze dynamic power relations - both their implications and possible contradictions.

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