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Honors College Thesis


Global and Regional Studies

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College of Arts and Science Honors, Honors College

First Advisor

Dr. Pablo Bose

Second Advisor

Dr. Charles-Louis Morand Métivier

Third Advisor

Dr. Jonah Steinberg


Nationalism, Identity, France, Social Media, Twitter, Post-Colonialism


In the context of globalization, the question of national identity has increasingly become important when seeking to understand modern international politics. France in particular has experienced tensions of identity politics that are an outcome of its colonial, revolutionary, and republic history. The August 2016 “Burkini Controversy” that occurred in the southern regions of France is one example of this political tension, engaging diverse perspectives and cultures that challenge the dominant narrative of French identity. The platform in which people engage in identity discourse has also moved towards social media, an unprecedented form of communication and resource for information. This thesis analyzes the use of Twitter and tweets in the wake of the “Burkini Controversy” to gauge, and better understand French identity politics.

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