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Honors College Thesis



Thesis Type

College of Arts and Science Honors, Honors College

First Advisor

Jeffrey Modereger


Dracula, Scenic Design, Theatre, fin-de-siècle Europe, Dietz, Royall Tyler Theatre


For this thesis, I completed a scenic design for Steven Dietz’s Dracula. Using moving platforms, I guided viewers through locations called for in the script. I paralleled the discomfort of fin-de-siècle Europe with the change and instability of place onstage. This project contributed to ticket sales—thus affecting the finances of the theatre department. Unlike previous designs of Dracula, this production used minimal scenery. The stage shifted at select moments, while it was also manipulated by lighting and atmospherics. The scenic realization of Dracula and the written reflection document the student scenic designer’s process at UVM's Royall Tyler Theatre.

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