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Honors College Thesis



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College of Arts and Science Honors, Honors College

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Paul Deslandes


gay men, 1970s, Hartford, Burlington, community development, LGBT History


In June 1969 riots broke out in response to police abuse and humiliation at the Stonewall Inn, a mafia owned gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York City. Following the events of late June 1969 was a decade of identity development during which gay men established themselves as a distinct circle within American society. The 1970s allowed for expansion of communication, creation of social institutions designed for and by gay men, and an expansion of traditional communities like Christianity. Over the course of the decade, an unprecedented rate of community building took place, and contrary to popular belief, this development boomed in places other than major U.S. cities. In Hartford, Connecticut and Burlington, Vermont burgeoning gay social circles defined themselves in ways similar to gay men and women in New York City and other metropolises, but on their own specific, regional terms.

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