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Honors College Thesis



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Honors College, College of Arts and Science Honors

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Kathleen Gough

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Gregory Ramos

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Angeline Chiu


dramaturgy, creative, history, theater, docudrama, documentary


Welcome Here: Defining History Through Playwriting is a creative thesis exploring the use of dramaturgy in crafting narratives of history, culminating in an original one act docudrama. It is separated into three distinct sections, beginning with a literature review of theatrical and critical texts relevant to the dramaturgy of allegorical and documentarian theater concerning history. Using the research presented in the literature review, there is then an examination of my personal writing process. The playtext of the original one act, entitled Welcome Here is presented last. It utilizes the dramatic structures researched to present a theory of American history in which racist rhetoric continually feeds back into racist policies, which in turn benefit of those willing to use racist rhetoric.

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