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Honors College Thesis



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Sarah Carleton

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Paul Besaw

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Meaghan Emery


Jaz, Dance, Journal, Women, Koffi, Kwahule


The following pages are the written aspect of my College Honors Thesis. This project was creative in nature. My thesis was to transform the French play, Jaz by Koffi Kwahulé, into a dance performance. Therefore, the project itself is the performance that I am holding on April 12th. Included here is the translation of the play from French to English as well as the creative process of producing a dance piece. This process is documented in a personal journal style of writing. The journal outlines the decisions I made concerning the performance piece, how I came to these decisions, and the obstacles that I had to overcome in order to reach them.

As stated in the title, part of this project was meant to raise awareness for violence against women. The play is violent and deals with abuse and how the character, Jaz, overcomes this abuse. This theme was the inspiration for my project. The need to bring awareness to this issue drove me to create a piece that would evoke emotions of abuse, a loss of a sense of self, and ultimately, the regaining of oneself and the defeat of the abuse. I state that the project is meant to raise awareness for violence against women in the title to clearly give the audience an idea of what the piece is about. However, after this, I let the choreography tell the story.

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