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Honors College Thesis



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Honors College

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Dr. Matthias Brewer


organic synthesis, drug development, lithiation, cancer, natural products synthesis, aromatic substitution


Fusarochromanone is a powerful anticancer mycotoxin exhibiting unique molecular structure and biological activity. Fusarochromanone is produced by rare strains of fusarium equiseti and is not readily accessible for study from its natural source; thus, an efficient laboratory synthesis practical for large-scale production is an attractive goal. Previously reported syntheses of Fusarochromanone are limited by prohibitively expensive starting materials and low-yielding key steps. In this work, novel approaches to Fusarochromanone synthesis using directed ortho- metalation strategies have been proposed and tested. A cost-effective, scalable synthesis of Fusarochromanone has been achieved, and groundwork has been laid that will direct future efforts to improve the developed synthesis.

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