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Honors College Thesis


Political Science

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Honors College, College of Arts and Science Honors

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Pablo Bose


The mental health needs of diverse refugee groups in Burlington, VT yield a wide set of challenges for healthcare providers, mental health clinicians and community outreach workers, and the large demand for services strains the small city’s specialty resources. This study is concerned with whether provider networks are capable of addressing and treating mental health problems among resettled refugees, and whether mental health screening techniques are adequate in determining mental health disorders in the Burlington refugee community. Burlington, VT faces challenges pertaining to the cultural competencies of providers, the number of providers, the cumbersome nature of mental health screening, the provision of emergency psychological care, and interorganizational communication. To improve these shortcomings, Chittenden County’s community resources must exhibit equitable care that can comfortably accommodate refugee patients within institutional frameworks. Otherwise, these challenges may erect further barriers to care-seeking.

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