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Honors College Thesis


German and Russian

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Honors College, College of Arts and Science Honors

First Advisor

Helga Schreckenberger


german, english, translation, novel, immigration, cultural exchange


This Honors Thesis is a translation of the German novel Superheldinnen by Barbi Marković (2016) into English, entitled “Superheroines”. In the global world we live in today, it is important for authors to be able to write in their language of choice but also reach a wider audience through translation. Literary translation is a perfect way to engage creatively with different languages and their unique linguistic features, as well as facilitate cross-cultural communication, as literary works are not only concerned with linguistic creativity but also reflect the culture of their respective linguistic community. Since this novel has not yet been translated into English, this work serves to promote cross-cultural communication and cultural understanding by sharing a German literary work with the English-speaking world. This novel offers a unique view of the immigrant experience, as the characters explain the anxieties and difficulties they face while living in a different country, including language barriers, alienation, and economic hardship. These topics are especially important in the world we live in today, as immigrants around the world face similar struggles. It is important to share these stories to inspire hope and empathy in readers, and to facilitate cultural exchange and understanding.

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