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Honors College Thesis



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Honors College, College of Arts and Science Honors

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Matthew White, PhD


OLED, metal dielectric photonic crystal


This project involved the fabrication and characterization of organic LEDs in a stacked microcavity structure, differing from previous works on this topic by employing an organic molecular emitter in the blue part of the visible spectrum. The stacked microcavity structure constitutes a metal dielectric photonic crystal (MDC). This project focused on demonstrating the emergence of photonic bands for a blue emitter in this structure, as previous works on this topic only demonstrated this phenomena for a green emitting OLED. The short wavelength of the blue light allows for the use of the second harmonic resonate mode of the microcavity unit cell. While utilizing this mode is not exclusively possible for a blue emitting OLED, it is far more accessible because the short wavelength allows for thinner organic layers which consume less electrical power. This is the first demonstration of an MDC OLED based on a higher harmonic resonant mode and brings the advantage of significantly narrower emission peaks.

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