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Honors College Thesis


Secondary Education; Special Education

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Honors College

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Colby Kervick

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Bernice Garnett

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Mika Moore


education, Restorative Practice, MTSS, equity, exclusionary discipline, student voice


Restorative Approaches are a foundational mindset adopted in schools that focus on fostering relationships and building a unified community that, in turn, mitigates harmful and negative behavior. Restorative Practice is a positive, school-wide intervention system often implemented within K-12 schools fitted into multiple, fluid tiers for the purpose of providing increasing support throughout its levels. At its universal level, Restorative Practice aims to build a school-wide community. From a restorative perspective, this can be achieved through establishing high, consistent expectations, using affective language, and holding Community Building Circles. This secondary study and thesis aim to add to the literature by analyzing survey data (collected in a northern VT school district which I will refer to as “Lakeview School”) with regard to students’ perceptions of their relationships and sense of belonging within the context of a school implementing tier 1 Restorative Circles. I will further analyze how high school students who have experienced tier 1 Circle implementation and report their sense of belonging and quality of relationships.

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