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Honors College Thesis


Computer Science

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College of Arts and Science Honors, Honors College

First Advisor

Joe Near

Second Advisor

Nick Cheney


intent analysis, context analysis, natural language processing, NLP, AI, machine learning


Intent analysis is the problem in computer science and natural language processing of taking a user utterance and predicting the user’s intent. Conversational agents that analyze user intent from spoken or typed utterances are used in general use cases, such as the iPhone’s Siri or the Android Google Assistant, and specific topic areas, such as a digital assistant on a bank’s website. These conversational agents frequently struggle to accurately predict intent from ambiguous utterances. Without a user’s usage context, it is impossible for the computer to accurately predict the correct user intent in some scenarios. This research project aims to fill this gap by developing a context analyzer for intent analysis, in order to enrich existing intent analysis solutions with contextual information.

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