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Honors College Thesis



Thesis Type

Honors College, College of Arts and Science Honors

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Nikki Khanna


Immigration, survey, college students, attitudes


This survey-based thesis examines correlations among different demographic groups (race, religiosity, political orientation, and gender) and their feelings about immigrants and immigration to the United States. The sample consisted of 79 undergraduate students at the University of Vermont. Respondents to the survey answered these four demographic questions as well as six attitudinal questions about immigrants and immigration. My findings suggest a relationship between very liberal respondents, non-binary / a third gender / or other respondents, and respondents who rarely or never attended religious services growing up, and more liberal or pro immigrant ideology. Because non-white respondents comprised a very small portion of the sample size, it is not possible to make inferences about the effects of race on attitudes. These results indicate that specific identities may inform opinions about immigration.

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