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Honors College Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

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Honors College

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Dr. Douglas Fletcher

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Dr. Jason Meyers


Flow Seeding, Particle Velocity, ICP Facility, Phantom V310


At the University of Vermont’s 30 kW Inductively Coupled Plasma Facility, an investigation was conducted to determine consistent and reliable particle velocity values. The study explored various techniques for velocity measurements, ultimately selecting the simple flow seeding method for experimental analysis. The experiment employed the Phantom v310 high-speed camera in combination with a specialized sampling probe. Various forms of carbon, including FiberForm, Lamp Black Powder, and graphite, were tested as seeding materials. The findings indicated that FiberForm and Lamp Black Powder produced the most distinguishable velocity streaks or particles. Both methods generated velocity values that were in agreement with each other and the velocity magnitude was approximately 45 m/s.

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